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The world is indeed a wonderful place when you are neatly tucked under a pile of colorful blankets, pillows fluffed high and white lights glowing on a snowy winters night. I have no intention of moving from here; just wake me sometime in mid-March. No, but honestly, I get the whole hibernation thing, bears and other creatures have clearly had it right all these years.

Snowy days for me mean plenty of time for cooking, and I’m already thinking of what to fix for breakfast. Homemade biscuits and gravy with baked apples and scrambled eggs, strong coffee and maybe some skillet potatoes. I have this goal in my mind that I want to eventually cook as good as a grandmother (big mama or madea depending on where you live), and that takes a lot of practice. Admittedly I have it honest; on both sides of my family we have some excellent cooks, my uncle, my cousins, my mom, even my grandpa all can throw down. Also a fun fact, the famous chef Julia Child and I were both born August 15th. Seeing the …

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