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Cafe Friday #5

It seemed the season was mirroring my thoughts these days. Dull earth gave way to vibrant colors, sounds and life; my mind was abuzz as well, with plans and ideas for the future of Tango's.  On my planning board, I used my Nona's picture as the center.  Her photo and Rosa's from the bakery and a picture of the nice lady who always is out on her balcony across the street.  I want this place to feel like a grandmother's home...minus the plastic furniture covers.  After a few days of trying to itemize and organize, I see that in order for me not to become overwhelmed, I'd need a great team to help me see this through.

The first person I thought of was my sister Justice.  She's the oldest of us kids and by far the kindest and smartest being I know.  She taught me how to tie my shoes, how to paint my nails and how to beat the neighbor boys at kick ball.  Currently she works at the modern art museum downtown, but I would love to nab her as my manager.  I jotted down …

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