Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Some people
are like hurricanes
In humanly form
Perhaps that's why
They give give names
To tropical storms


Some days
You want a nice healthy falafel
With spring greens 
And hummus
And some days
You want fried mashed potatoes Smothered in cheese.


I love
The complex simplicity
of the natural world
I am constantly humbled
By things I have yet to fully


I though tired, rebel against sleep
In an effort to retain the joyful feeling
And euphoria formed from good company
Good food & good laughs.


On a rainy day,
I amble the bookstore and I am at peace.
Clinging books chosen to my left side,
I graze bits of knowledge from the tall shelves
Like giraffes feast on long limbed leaves.

Realization #24

There is nothing
more resilient
Or rebellious
Or revolutionary
Or resplendent
Than being

Paradise for Introverts

Sunday afternoon.
After breakfast.
After tea.
Quiet house.
Book in hand.