Thursday, August 17, 2017

Phone (a haiku)

In a daze I scroll
Searching for meaningfulness
Never finding it.


I succumb to the blinding nature of your masculine beauty
I stand in the middle of your hurricane and yet find peace
I see no flaws in your broken imperfection
each fragment seems to reflect the light of a thousand ancient stars
the energy of all times seems to radiate through your scars
I am drawn near by the silence of your darkness
the shadows of the words you refuse yet to speak
I find my thoughts wander, led by my eyes
And I wonder how I find your bitterness is so sweet
all that you say is refuse I see as art
all that sighs is but melodious tones
and scarcely will you shake my unyielding devotion
anymore that you might shake the sinews from your bones
I am here
by divine assignment
I am called to heal you by the forces beyond
I am called to balance the forces you contend with within you
I am called to make the wars within you

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Love haiku #1

There are great oceans
Living inside of me
And I love in waves

Monday, July 24, 2017

Realization #36

They will try to destroy​ you in the physical world
With empty words, crude and twisted
Judging and presuming
By what their imperfect eyes can see
They cannot fathom your dimensions
Or comprehend your power
Or appreciate the resplendent nature of your beauty because it is spiritual.
Spiritual is beyond the realms of understanding of a physical person.
Effectively they are blind in a way you cannot possibly teach them to see.
So perhaps you are misunderstood.
Perhaps you are not as fly as
As charming as
As witty as
As flirty as that person that everyone seems to think is special.
But it is better to be socially conscious and active
Than merely social.
It is better to be soul food than eye candy
It is better to manifest eternally
Than to merely be focused internally
Because the spirit means life
And peace.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Realization #22

Nobody's perfect
But some people are careless
Simply because they care less.
They are the sort that use a Fabergé egg
As a paperweight for
Junk mail.


Hypnotize me with your words
Enchant me with your promises
All the while you squeeze me 'till i cannot move
The sensation that you caused me
Leaving me breathless
Is otherwise known as suffocation
Ribs bruised
I know that now
I guess you were always cold blooded

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dear Munchkin

My dearest munchkin,
Never grow old
Because work is full of stress and the world is cold
Because bills are too high and morale is too low
And it seems like the bad guys are all in control
I say to you
Watch silly cartoons, eat cereal with too many colors
Wear polka dots and stripes
Find random excuses to play, go collect fireflies
While the cicadas sing in summer evenings
Splash puddles and gaze up at the stars
Get a pet something, name it Rutabaga
Pretend you are a Super mutant cowboy dinosaur cyborg who runs a pirate ship
Beg for cheesy foods
Turn a cardboard box into a portal to the universe
Dance and laugh and sing
Learn to swim, bike everywhere
Kickball, dodge ball, soccer, tag
Define cooties and avoid them at all cost
Run for the bomb pop man
Make a million bazillion ka-gillion best friends
My dearest munchkin,
Never grow dim
Because your light is much too brilliant
To let the bad guys win
Each new day the sun rises is a chance to re-begin
If you have to grow up...
Don't loose the wonder that lies within
Trust me.