Monday, July 24, 2017

Realization #36

They will try to destroy​ you in the physical world
With empty words, crude and twisted
Judging and presuming
By what their imperfect eyes can see
They cannot fathom your dimensions
Or comprehend your power
Or appreciate the resplendent nature of your beauty because it is spiritual.
Spiritual is beyond the realms of understanding of a physical person.
Effectively they are blind in a way you cannot possibly teach them to see.
So perhaps you are misunderstood.
Perhaps you are not as fly as
As charming as
As witty as
As flirty as that person that everyone seems to think is special.
But it is better to be socially conscious and active
Than merely social.
It is better to be soul food than eye candy
It is better to manifest eternally
Than to merely be focused internally
Because the spirit means life
And peace.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Realization #22

Nobody's perfect
But some people are careless
Simply because they care less.
They are the sort that use a Fabergé egg
As a paperweight for
Junk mail.


Hypnotize me with your words
Enchant me with your promises
All the while you squeeze me 'till i cannot move
The sensation that you caused me
Leaving me breathless
Is otherwise known as suffocation
Ribs bruised
I know that now
I guess you were always cold blooded

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dear Munchkin

My dearest munchkin,
Never grow old
Because work is full of stress and the world is cold
Because bills are too high and morale is too low
And it seems like the bad guys are all in control
I say to you
Watch silly cartoons, eat cereal with too many colors
Wear polka dots and stripes
Find random excuses to play, go collect fireflies
While the cicadas sing in summer evenings
Splash puddles and gaze up at the stars
Get a pet something, name it Rutabaga
Pretend you are a Super mutant cowboy dinosaur cyborg who runs a pirate ship
Beg for cheesy foods
Turn a cardboard box into a portal to the universe
Dance and laugh and sing
Learn to swim, bike everywhere
Kickball, dodge ball, soccer, tag
Define cooties and avoid them at all cost
Run for the bomb pop man
Make a million bazillion ka-gillion best friends
My dearest munchkin,
Never grow dim
Because your light is much too brilliant
To let the bad guys win
Each new day the sun rises is a chance to re-begin
If you have to grow up...
Don't loose the wonder that lies within
Trust me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


the memory of you is like a hallway
the one I always go 'round but never really go down
'cause I already know what'll go down if I do...
I will reach out to you
and we will reminisce about the sweetness of the bliss
but see, the part I always miss is 'bout the blisters
the heat upon my neck when I found out 'bout how you
kissed her
naw see
but I will still reach out
not because I miss you
but because I crave the toxins that you teach,
the poison that you preach
that perfect potent potion of scribe, scholar and street
with a swagger like a dagger that cuts my heart down deep
and leaves chasms in my mind where joy once lived...
I stand frozen at the edge of that hallway
here your memory thrives within the medial temporal lobe
contemplating should I visit the place I used to call home
should I reach out to you, Foxglove, the one I used to call home
or meditate upon the reasons
that I used to call this home
I used to.
bye love.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Help Wanted

You scoured for hours the internet
Left a great resume online
Even took some extra classes
To reinvigorate your mind
You found some promising listings
Attended the job fair in Elmwood Pines
But when you were offered positions
You abruptly chose to decline...
You've interned for a few months now
You arrive to work on time
You follow every protocol
Even empty the coffee grinds
Your employer is impressed with you
Asks "Would you like to be full time?"
And with little hesitation
You abruptly choose to decline
But why?
When you acted so anxious to find somewhere
To get on somewhere, to belong somewhere
You put on like you wanted to own that chair, in the corner office someday
But you say
"I only intern at Fortune 500s, it looks good on my resume,
that way, if a better job comes along
I can easily break away, I apologize Employer
I had no real intentions to stay..."
The Employer comes to on a balcony
We watch your arms flail and sway
Security has your ankles and we hear you
Audibly pray
"Let me up from here!  This is crazy!
You have really lost your mind!"
The blank faced Employer contemplates
If they'll abruptly choose to decline

Bare Faced

I do not go bare faced
I do not give you permission to see my scars and marks
To judge me
Vulnerability is not my thang
But I hurt sometimes
So I shellac on another artful facade
That seems to be more pleasing
And the lower I feel, the longer the lash,
The redder the lip
And a highlight that might blind Mr. Wonder
But I wonder if it's good enough
To give me a hall pass past unsolicited inquiry
Because with such a pretty mask there is no need for you to ask
What's wrong
I do not go bare faced
Because deep down I don't trust you enough to
Love me based on content of character in this frame
If L'Oreal tells me I'm worth it then I should never be ashamed
Every time I put my war paint on
I'm ready to kill the game
I am a modern day warrior that a negative could never tame
I do NOT go bare faced