Sunday, November 5, 2017


I look at him and envy his freedom
He floats high
Dancing in the wind
Carried away with beautiful dreams
Flirting with the sunset
Altitude upon altitude
Never resting too long
I wonder why I wasn't formed that way.
Grounded I, recon my circumstance a prison
Instead of appreciating what it is I really am.
Because when the storms come
As storms do
It is better to be an anchor than a kite.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Woman.

Every night
I look intently at the woman
On the other side of the glass
And I make peace with her.
She has done me no wrong.
She is not my enemy.
Every night
I study her eyes,
Wise though weary
And I wish her nothing but calm
And rest.
I wish I could tell her
Not to worry so much
I wish I could tell her to breathe.
So I have begun to.
I think we will be
Great friends.


As Shakespeare said
Love me or hate me
Both are in my favor
If you love me, I'll stay in your heart
Where I ought to be
Keeping you centered
Every life giving pump an affirmation of my loyalty
The seat of your motivations and desires
The one you just can't stand to be without, without a doubt,
I know you way better than you know yourself
Reliable and strong, I can handle just about anything
Anything... but not everything
But you seem to like to test me anyway...
Love me or hate me
Both are in my favor
If you hate me, I stay in your mind
I make a home there
Wandering your mind folds like Mol from Inception
Destroying every new ideal you try to bring in
I will build a kingdom in the depth of your subconscious and reign every decision you make
Flooding your memories like  tsunami after a terrible earthquake
Love me or hate me
Both are in my favor
Either way you are owned
Because after charming, disarming and making thief of my heart
There's no way that I'll ever leave you alone.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I know what love is
I see it when it peeks behind the eyes of a stranger
A small glint
Like something shiny
And I, magpie that I am,
Head straight towards that sparkle
In the hope that it might be
Real gold.
And so far,
I have collected
Two empty gum wrappers
Some broken glass
A toy mirror
And 84 cents worth of change
Disappointed? Sure.
But I can't help still believing
That the love I find one day
Will be the everything I've been seeking
And I am unwilling
To settle
For less.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


I wade
Into the silence of night
I allow the dark ink
To wash all over me
And quietly I transform,
Like mystery, aeons in the making.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I'm attempting to exercise you from me but my will is out of shape
But keeping the dream of you near to me isn't really worth the weight
My thick thighs from your fat lies
Isn't really all that great
So I'm loosing these inhibitions and I'm stepping out on faith
Stepping out on the faith that I'm worthy
Worthy of someone who understands me, not just tolerates me, someone who celebrates my cerebellum and not just my steam
Someone who eager to embrace my feelings not just my firmament, a man of some permanence
Someone who loves the whole of me the way I love everything else
And someone who's words are true and clean and better for my health
Words ears could eagerly consume and digest, organic and simple, not a pain in my chest
I'm attempting to exercise you from me love, I walk away, no look backs
And for as long as it takes I will shake off these weighs of your fat lies holding me back

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Old Tree

Is entertaining at best
But I do beg your pardon
That I don't heed your requests
To bow down my boughs
At a saplings request
Because I am a very old tree.
A tree whose leaves provide books with their page
A tree whose roots are much deeper than most
My branches are wide, giving copious shade
And though I stand proud I have no aim to boast
I am gnarled and twisted by the storms of this life
I am shaped by the winds and scorched by the fire
And despite all the struggles both inside and out
I seek out healthful waters and go forth even higher
These young saplings speak
Like they know all that's best
The shrubs and the bushes are so quick to bend knee
But I smile and I pray they continue to grow
Because I am a very old tree.