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Miles on a Monday.

After a day of being so tightly wound, sometimes it is hard to unfurl.  I sit here listening to Miles Davis' song called So What, and strive to drown in sound the stresses of the day.  Mental pressures have decided to play out physically, and it seems my muscles and bones noisily ache in sympathy with my psyche.  For the life of me, it is hard to understand why people can be so uptight.  Monday is not the enemy, it is just a day to begin again.  But I don't want to follow in the spirit of what the day brought, so I will type myself into a better mood.

On a note of positivism, spring has finally decided to sit and stay a while.  Burgundy buds hang anxiously on trees, nearly ready to burst forth with leaves, and bashful tulips wait for their queue to bloom, and I'm excited.  The grays and browns of a few days ago are being replaced with sky blues and vibrant greens; I stood outside for a moment during lunch just to soak it all in.

This week I'll be getting my arts fix in…

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