...On Being Enough

I am enough.  Sometimes those words are hard to own...or believe; especially if they are coming from your own mouth.  Sometimes its easier to estimate your self worth by the measuring stick that others provide; constantly trying to conform to the infinite variety of standards, hoping to make high marks on all of them, and then feeling guilty when you don't.  Sometimes you are the one with the ruler, judging yourself and others by the same impossible requirements.  Ahh, don't you just love perfectionism?  I don't.  I'm tired of not being enough for myself.  I'm tired of allowing other people to make me feel like I am not enough.  I heard recently that we can change the way we feel sometimes by the way we think.  So I'm going to try and make a conscience effort to meditate on the positive things people say.  I will also practice vetoing negative thinking quicker than a bank rejects a bad check.  I deserve to be enough.  Period.

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