...I cannot

I cannot

I cannot stop you from becoming a man

As author of your own destiny, who am I, to steal the pen from your hand?

Who am I to make decisions for a boy who’s half past grown?

Who am I to be unwilling to give, that which I held alone?

Silly me

Here I was thinking that a change come never

You’d have a date or two but you and I’d be we forever, right?

Daystar on the horizon, my watch still set on midnight

Currently you we does not include me but she

The reason for your haircuts and new suits,

Her suggestions brought forth Bluetooth and Grey Goose and Sean John

The vestiges of the friend I knew before are nearly gone

I cannot

I cannot stop you from becoming a man

I cannot help being grateful I didn’t give everything I had

I cannot help knowing what I did give, took you from “I think” into “I am”

I can choose to keep moving, invest in fresh possibilities

I can’t help but to look forward to the man

Someone unknowingly prepares for me

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