James & Co.

I saw ya’ll today

Only speaking of one person but I saw ya’ll today

Ya’ll was lookin’ right

So right, thought I might

Even let you know

But I held back in speaking

Didn’t quite know who would come to the door first

Would it be Jamie or Santiago?

Were you being Demetrius or Jacques, I didn’t know

Guess James is just the building where ya’ll live at…

I saw ya’ll today

Guess ya’ll must have had a conference ‘cause ya’ll spoke to me today

That was awful nice

Must have been Jimmy’s idea, he’s the one that I grew up with

We’ve been tight since we were kids

But every new clique or new life experience a new tenant moved in

Then Samaj thought he was too cool for me

And we grew apart as friends…

I saw ya’ll today

Shocked that ya’ll were cordial

J-love said he liked my floral…

We liked ya’ll suit too

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