Is it possible to be a prisoner although free?  Is it possible to feel trapped though having plenty of space?  Being honest, it feels that way sometimes.  Like a dog on an electric leash, as many times as you try to escape, you get shocked back to your reality.  Finally, you become content with your circumstances, take pleasure in its safety.  Eventually, even if your owner removed your collar you still would not run, having been trained into submission.  Well I've been through that phase, and this "collar" is weighing me down.  The fence keeping me in is my own insecurities and doubts; and I get shocked into submission every time someone proves them right.  For example, I find it hard to trust, so low and behold a dear friend will tell a lie on me.  As I feel like I'm not good enough, someone else better 'qualified' gets the promotion at work.  I'm wondering though, if that type of thinking might work in reverse.  Like if I believe that I'm good enough then I won't accept being treated like a plan B by a guy.  Or if I trust that there is good to be found in people, then I would be happily rewarded when I find genuine friends.  It is time to reject this prison.  It is time to seek my freedom.  It is time to run from negativity.  It is be free.

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