The truth hides silently in the letters of type
Artfully hidden amongst analogy and verb
Such cleverly contrived verbal deception
One can only see when listening to the words
The seductive secret slinking in the sentences
The promise that’s translucent to the blind
I speak not of those with ocular inability
But of those who lack the insight in their minds
And so I wonder if you too are one laid sightless
Or are merely self-content in wearing shades
I ponder if you understand my cryptic message
Or are you one who knows the sun but loathes the rays
Can I illuminate your interest in this subject
Or do you yet prefer to hole up in the dark
Because the honesty I speak to you is sacred
And I’m unwilling to share with everyone my heart
I have the courage now to put these truths in writing
But I’m afraid the point will be completely missed
I’ll be content to keep this little riddle all to myself
The sweet enigma holding the answer to your bliss

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