What are willing to trade your goals and dreams for?  Money?  Power?  Love? Is the trade worth it?  Seems like in this life, every path we take has a few detours, enticing and inviting us to try something new.  Sometimes detours are needed, like a student joining a band instead of joining a gang for example.  But what about the detours that distract us from accomplishing our goals?  They can take the form of an exciting opportunity, but often they come with two legs and a mouth.  Just started an exercise program?  Who calls but the friend who has that crazy craving for deep fried candy bars.  Finally getting over Mr. Wrong?  Here comes that guy who is a little of what you want but none of what you really need a mere two weeks later.  I'm learning (finally) that if I want to reach my destination, I can't afford to waste time on anything/anyone who isn't encouraging me or moving in the same general direction.  I'm learning if it means sacrificing certain perceived friendships, then so be it.  Negative energy will only slow me down.

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