Love Letter to Lefties

Recently my mother found out that she was born left handed but had been trained to use her right hand from an early age. A curious revelation that has whispered its way through various forms in her life. Her skill set, her mannerisms & preferences all hinted at it, but she believed she at the most was ambidextrous like my grandfather. To this day we can be watching a tv show or a crowd of people and with accuracy she can point out the fellow southpaws. Though making up 10 percent of the population (according to the Huffington Post) scientists have found that left handed folks tend to excell in careers in the arts, music, sports and information technology fields. A fact that helps explain her extensive record, tape and cd collection and her avid encouragement of my artistic pursuits. Why is this subject of such interest to me you ask? Because I can barely make it a day without music. Because I promote and participate in the arts. Because I love football and/or soccer. Because many of my good friends (and major crushes) have been right brained revolutionaries (and I'm right handed!) I even tie my shoes "backwards" and stir my coffee counter clockwise.  So in the pursuit of embracing my mom's neo-lefty-ness, I suppose in fact I'm really seeking to understand the complexities of myself. 

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