Bare Faced

I do not go bare faced
I do not give you permission to see my scars and marks
To judge me
Vulnerability is not my thang
But I hurt sometimes
So I shellac on another artful facade
That seems to be more pleasing
And the lower I feel, the longer the lash,
The redder the lip
And a highlight that might blind Mr. Wonder
But I wonder if it's good enough
To give me a hall pass past unsolicited inquiry
Because with such a pretty mask there is no need for you to ask
What's wrong
I do not go bare faced
Because deep down I don't trust you enough to
Love me based on content of character in this frame
If L'Oreal tells me I'm worth it then I should never be ashamed
Every time I put my war paint on
I'm ready to kill the game
I am a modern day warrior that a negative could never tame
I do NOT go bare faced

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