...on Defragmentation

So, day two of my staycation from work.  I had no idea how tightly wound I was/am from three-quarters of a year's worth of stress and pent up anxiety.  I watch and listen as my body eagerly begins the delicate process of defragmentation.  Needless to say, relaxation is an art.  My palette includes jasmine and/or green tea, organic foods, Brazilian music and sleeping in.  Who knew that staring out a window could be so meaningful, watching the spring branches dance to the rhythm the wind provides, celebrating the return of the sun.  I wonder where my mind was all this time, because it seems like the creative ideas are finally freely flowing...I wonder at my employment; seems it has caused such a drastic blockage of brainwaves that whole periods of time are just a large grey blur.  I feel like a dry plant that has only now been given water, and I am guarding it jealously.

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