...Am I pretty yet?

Am I pretty yet?

I speak bits of at least seven languages

Am I pretty yet?

In the war of loosing weight, got my new hair sewn in straight

Am I pretty yet?

Traded in flats for heels, skin is velvet to the feel

Am I pretty yet?

Fake lashes, glass tips, Mac gloss, padded hips

Wonder bra, faux tan, pencil skirt, diva fan

I’m a listener, I can cook, family loves me, homies shook

Coo with (your) exes, volonteers, educated, coy, sincere

I am patient and forgiving, only happy when you’re winning

TrĂ©s creative, captivating, called inspiring, I admire thee

I am plus ten what you need from me and 1000 times your dreams

I’m a mogul...I’m a madam...I’m a queen

So tell me baby, am I pretty yet?

Or do I have to yet dance on water?

Or save your world from an asteroid?

Or bend the space/time continuum so you will never be late to work?

Or shall I introduce you to the mortal you actually choose to marry


Will I be pretty then?

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