My room is clean, but my closet isn't

Got messes and dresses and junk all up in it

Got baskets and boxes and mix-matched shoes

Pictures and questions and memories of boos

Faded fake furs, dreams differed

A tub full of courage and pillows unsown

Chrome studded defiance, unused men's cologne

Letters of love, signed and sealed but unsent

A neon green Bermuda shirt, well worn regret

Pending art projects, broken heart lockets

Twisted wire hangers and doubts strewn about

Bottles of soul food, blueprints to my dream house

Patent leather confidence, Hip-Hop in a can

Fossils from a field trip, spilling time sands...

I keep these thoughts hidden with faux shoji screens

But with so much inside, is it possible to stay discreet?

I fear the future, but I need my closet purged

From the unnecessary, and retain the things I really deserve

Namely, peace

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