Dialogue of an Insecure Woman


Look at me

Pay attention to me

Love me, adore me, covet me

Pay homage to me, like the others do

Patronize me, tell me how pretty I am

Remind me, forgive me

Let me get away with murder

Simply because I’m me

Take the blame for me

Coddle me, protect me

Don’t let that mean ol’ truth get me

Don’t let those ugly consequences stain

I’m too much me to handle all that

You love me, don’t you?

How dare you lend your eyes to a “her”?

There can be only me…

I will destroy “her”

I will slander “her”

I shall slay “her” with the sword of my tongue

I shall pour out my vials of feminine wiles to draw your attention back to me

You must worship me

Gain approval only through me

Find truth in me,

Though my spirit is a repugnant lie

Find solace in me

You need me

You leave me

I am alone.

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