...On First Time to DC

The events of this week are showing me what type of girl I am, and what type of woman I am becoming.  Its wonderful and startling at the same time, experiencing all these new things.  The noise of the city; bodies in constant motion by varying means, cars squeezing by a mere hair's breadth at the speed of a hydrogen fueled rocket; seeing the reality of familiar monuments...its a whole lot of awesome!  I dig visiting the Smithsonian galleries, for example, it's great because you get inspired by all the rich textures and motifs; the unique color palettes used by ancient peoples...it's humbling.  And yet I am made aware still of my limitations.  I am (hopelessly) navigationally challenged.  I'm a sucker for kitchy postcards.  And when hungry enough, I am willing to spend over $15 for a hotel lobby hamburger.  One thing is for sure, I love travel, and I'm more than willing to confess this love to the next city on the list.

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