...On Foodies

Only a true foodie can appreciate the subtle attraction of a blood orange, or any orange for that matter. The peel to reveal, the explosion of juice upon biting…it’s downright sensual, in my humble opinion. I’ve never had much of a sense of smell, unless something is right under my nose. Sight, well, I wear glasses. I’d venture to say my hearing is pretty good. And I bet with training, my sense of touch might be exceptional, I.e. distinguishing between grades of silk or cashmere. But I believe my sense of taste is pretty awesome, I mean really! I don’t need loads of salt to appreciate my food. I much prefer it spiced with things I can’t pronounce from a place I can’t afford to visit in person. I enjoy the music of a busy kitchen; the clank of pots and pans, the sizzle of veggies in a well oiled pan, the ding of a timer letting me know my brownies are done (I can smell those). The rhythmic pentameter of chopping or slicing something fresh from the garden outside my window is de-stressing…and delicious. Only a true foodie can appreciate that if something is their favorite dish or ingredient, they will not compromise and settle for a lackluster substitute. For example, I know what my favorite chocolate is. Chocolate is chocolate you say? I invite you to take a flying leap. No, seriously! Hershey’s plain chocolate bar, at least for me, is to be consumed ONLY in dire emergency. I refuse to let white chocolate into my mouth (unless it’s Lindt). White chocolate is an abomination and is responsible for global warming and juvenile delinquency. Look it up. Okay, maybe not but you get my point. On a budget, Dove will work wonders on any wonky work day. To splurge, I choose Lindt for my chocolate pleasure. Ferrero Rochet is my other escape of choice, occasionally Toblerone. If there are other loves, I know not of them; nor do I wish to. Only a foodie will appreciate this paragraph I write; I weep for those who eat to live and for those who live to eat. A true foodie will not seek buffets to satisfy their taste cravings. Tubs of tasteless mush passed off as a hot meal. It is never about the quantity but the quality of the meal. A true foodie appreciates and savors the experience of the meal, and does not eat merely to avoid a hypoglycemic attack. Foodies come in all sizes, from all walks of life. They are creative, adventurous and dare I say amazing because they are sensory engaged, passionate people.

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