...On Structure

Being unstructured has advantages and disadvantages.  On the one hand, one can go with the flow, adapting easily to ever fluxing circumstances, hardly thinking twice, living in the moment.  Forging ahead fearlessly, creating spontaneously, positive undefiled energy flowing through space.  On the other hand, being unstructured leads to some things (important things) get neglected, it fosters procrastination, indecision, and disorganization.  Lack of structure means that as far forward as one can go into positivity, one can also go that far back into negativity, with no certainty that you'll come back in one piece.  Shame on me for thinking that I could some how do both.  Does not our known universe run by the same mechanics.  A storm with lightening and rain is both functional (depositing rich nitrogen) and mesmerizing (the sound as it falls on a rooftop).  I am curious to see what the future holds, for both the relaxed and the structured sides of me.

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