Big Dummy

You are falling off...

You so content with knowing, my love is ever near

You’re banking on the fact my feelings will always be here

You ought to have me loving you so

Strongly and sweetly,

 So thoroughly and completely,

So passionately and concretely,

You ought to have me loving you so deep that my toes curl

In an effort to prevent the escape of  joy from the soles of my elevated feet

You ought to have my diction so tongue twisted I find great difficulty to complete

Even the most simple of sentences without you in my speech

But you too busy being stingy with true love’s power

If love is a battlefield, then as a soldier, you're a coward

And I am content to find my hero elsewhere...

You done fell off, (ya big dummy)

Though I find you beyond fine but phenomenal, indeed

Lapping up whatever affections you choose to ration out with greed

Better turn these last time sands into a mutual eternity

Lest you find your dummy self, by yourself

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