Cinderella LLC

Cinderella, got her fella

Found him a royal jerk

He had no goals

Lacked self control

And did not want to work

Sold her old glass kicks on e-bay

A profit she did make

And started a small LLC

To reclaim lost estates

She bought her father’s property

Kicked out mean ex-step-mother

Then flipped the house for twice its worth

A talent she discovered

With time and much persistence

She formed a corporation

Gave back to needy cinder girls

Then took a long vacation

Cindy is still single

But she has her work, her friends

Don’t need a prince to save her

Cause she now has her own ends

Her shoes are in a museum

The prince came out the cupboard

She’s working on a line of shoes

Co-designed by mother Hubbard

The moral of the story is

Don’t settle for a slacker

Make the most of opportunities

And redo the ever after J

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