You come like monsoons come
A torrential rain at a moments notice
Dry earth stands praying for
And all at once a blissful downpour for which it was unprepared
A flood of heavenly moisture bleeds life throughout, giving birth to something beautiful
Overcome with the thought, she blushes green, and grassy hairs tingle at the back of her neck
Sweet water pools, drenching every surface, embracing hilly curves and giving her
Goosebumps in the form of grain
Impressed by its mighty power, how she doth love that rain
The sound of it, the smell of it, how it picks up so easy on what she’s thinking
‘Soon seems so lofty…so free…
Earth endures his moods; for this same magnificent artist who paints the skies such colors in his rest
And who adorns her with prismatic arcs of light,
Has a temper so volatile and throws fits in his rage,
Thunders, twisters and hurricanes
And though it takes time to heal, Earth bears all of his pains…because she does love that rain
But now is a dry season
The sun seems to have no mercy, as even the memories of what once was evaporate
Why do western winds carry this so far, for so long
Leaving Earth cracked and arid and thirsty; searching for a hint of its return…
You come like monsoons come
Arriving, loving, leaving
So far my patience has not changed…
I suppose I love the rain…

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