Wish List

I want nothing more than to be smoothed over with a wide tooth comb, like clean hair drenched with oil
I want nothing more than to remember what freedom feels like, the elation of no longer being gravity bound, held fast in a commanding embrace, nearly breathless, and thoroughly overcome with love
I want nothing more than to feel the salt of waves evaporate from my skin, due to the radiant 84 degree weather, the power of which lifts steadily my heavy burdens high in to the rich blue stratosphere
I want nothing more than to hear pure music, the kind that ruptures and raptures and resuscitates and renders me calm, like a still water, like a forest of cedars, like the aching silence after a storm
I want nothing more than to simply exist, without having to charm and stretch and smile and will my cheek muscles into an upright position and swallow my screams and season my words in order to present me pleasant
I want nothing more than to be craved, ravenously, by a nobleman, teeth of pearl, spirit like Moses; craved as one craves dark chocolate, for both flavor and benefit of health
I want nothing more that to raise my children in paradise, far from the corruption and violence and toxins that we have grown to know as normality
I want nothing more but to live to see my dreams transcend my subconscious and become substance, a factual reality
I want nothing more than happiness…

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