Love Mirror

It is said that love is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the joy upon finding it, but I wonder is that always a good thing. Sure, its important (and amazing) to find a common ground with another person. Be it a hobby, a preference or a calling; having that deeper than just the surface connection is vital to making a relationship solid. However, some of us are drawn to the things in others that we need to purge from ourselves. How often do we see the lady with low self esteem with the man that overcompensates? Or the mature, career driven woman with the handsome, young good-time guy? Or one of the most unfortunate situations, the person who thinks they are nothing repeatedly finding the idiots who agree. Getting older, I see now that there needs to be balance, I need that balance. I hope that the reflection I see in my better half will be just that; the unique things in me, amplified, refined, redefined and nearly complete.

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