A Moment of Peace

There’s something to be said for personal time. Not just time doing something specific, a task serving a purpose for someone or something else; but genuine time doing just what you enjoy. Taking in the music you like. Writing without inquiry. The freedom of creative thought. Reflection on creation itself, and its Creator. A place unchallenged by self doubts and anxiety; a place free of chores and bills and cramped spaces and bulging belly blob. Sometimes I feel so cramped; this world is chaotic, and constantly in transition. My sides hurt from trying to accommodate others and solving their every gripe and dislike; swallowing their pains like acid and adopting them my own.  I know there is a hope for the future, mentally I know this. But sometimes it is hard to see your destination in amongst so many tall and ugly trees. Perhaps I need to pray for a new vantage point.  Today my new perspective will start with doing something for me.

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