Imagine, you are on a stage; lights dimmed over a hushed crowd, beads of sweat form from the heat of the lamps just above you.  Staring down a microphone, your heart pounds.  Is it from the five cups of coffee, the two glasses of Coffee/Rum Liquor, plain old nerves or the multiple puffs from your rescue inhaler?  Who can know for sure?  Your eyes, red and irritated, try to focus on some odd spot on a wall.  It seems every sinus cavity inside you is congested, and you're up here trying to sing an Aretha Franklin song for your very first performance...ever.  Welcome to my world ladies and gents, well, my world a few hours ago anyways.  I plunk away at this keyboard now, alert as a sugared up six year old at a theme park.  Needless to say, I didn't do my best work, but as a popular song said, I got by with a lil' help from my friends (and family)(and Coffee Liquor, did I mention that?).  Oddly enough I feel...amazing, courageous, ready to tackle anything.  Sure, I may have made a sound fool of myself.  But I met a challenge, I completed a task, appreciated the love from those who gave it and found out my niche is actually being a professional audience member.  So here's to thinking outside the box and comfort zone.  And here's to whatever is next, flop or fly.

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