Hypothetical Question

I will not ask you a question
One completely hypothetic
How much of your game is hype, and how much of it pathetic?
I've regretted opening up to your intellect
I speak with no disrespect, its just that I feel you're just not hearing me
Or failing to see clearly the dilemma I'm in
Having all your favorite qualities accept the right tone of skin
So I'm that "very good friend" who's at your every whim and beck and call
A victim of this torrent since three years ago next fall
And fall I did unknowingly, prancing around glowingly
As if I had a reason to, I thought we might be cool
But lately its been a rule, I play the proverbial fool...
The kindest bird, the caring ear when you call to complain
A healer of pain, the nonaddictive Mary Jane,
The non-potent heroine each time you needed saving from the
Everyday monotony that's come to be your life
In many things besides the ring, I've come to be a wife
Supporter, shoulder, sister, soldier, soothsayer and song
I listen to your endless banter all day long
Seeking that morsel of approval, a sign that says you care
But you are blinded by ambition, I don't really feel its fair...
You ask me to be sympathetic to all your pathetic hype
And what irritates me the most is when you say we're SO alike
If this is truly the case, I see why I'm up on the shelf
The truth of the matter you can't love me, because you don't love yourself...

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