Nerds Need Love Too

If the knowledge of Newton were akin to the cunning of Casanova
If the eccentricities of Einstein were like the curves of Cleopatra
If the dao of DaVinci were the same as the craveability of a Kardashian
Then you'd have no problem finding me...attractive
Appeal I to your intellect, I speak fluent geek
Weaving conversation betwixt conjecture
Hoping to hypnotize your heart with hypothesis
Flirtation through formula, but alas I have failed
Effectively blinding you with science...
So talkable, so friendable am I
Because I understand warp drives and the time/space continuum,
The importance of Boba Fett in the fate of the galaxy
Its not my fault your inner hacker finds a comfortable home with me
Seems I appeal to the side you either deny or try to hide from all your boys
I realize what's been destroyed under the guise of blending,
Conforming, being somewhat normal-ish
But holla when you tire of Clark Kent-ing, Stephon-ing
All I'm wanting is the sub epidermal Eurkel that I see and want for all my own...
I beg you join my revolution of nerd-dom
And I will love you 3.14 times over
And I will love you 'til the nautilus ends
And until the universe stops expanding
And until the very last star is born...

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