Out Sick

It's sad, but I've realized in this week long bout with a cold, that maybe this is my body's not so subtle way of saying "Time Out!"  I'd come to this epiphany as I was stretched out (rather comfortably) on an ER cot, casually flipping channels and nestled comfortably beneath a couple of warmed blankets provided by the kind nurse.  I wonder sometimes, out of the legitimate emergency cases they deal with weekly, how many patients are just like me, harried by the circus of life and just looking for a place to rest.  I wonder how many people have to validate some non functional time with the cold and flu season.  Now it's true, I was prescribed medication to assist with my medical recovery, but at least a few of my problems were linked directly to stress.  I have to find a less expensive way to deal...mind if I use you for a sounding board?  Ah, who'm I kidding.  Maybe I should take up basket weaving.

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