" there anyone special in your life?"  This coy and common question is a way for lets call them inquisitive people who are mildly acquainted with you to get all up in your confidential affairs without coming off as a nosy old bitty.  This question is not as basic as "Where are you from?" or "What books are reading now?", but the question is locked and loaded, ready to excavate awkward responses and find the cracks in your Sephora fortified armor.  If you answer yes, this opens the door to conversations about your love interest (even if he is just an interest), and bucket loads of unsolicited advice.  If you say no, you open the door to your very own surprise pity party, complete with such up building mantras as "Your time will come", "Well, that's good you're staying busy" and a personal favorite "The right person is out there, you just have to find him".  It's also fun when people in a relationship feel the need to recount the days when they were single (what, like 8 months ago?) and how thankful they are that they're not anymore.  Well, I'm making a conscience decision that the next time one of these curious chaps ask me if there's anyone special in my life, I will happily reply, ""  Then I will share that, instead of making it my life's mission to club a man and drag him back to my cave (like maybe they did), that I'm doing all the things I want to do, without male supervision.  Travel worldwide, yes.  Nights out with friends without a semi-imposed curfew, yes.  Random unnecessary purchases within the sphere of my budget without having to save for a riding lawnmower, yes.  And as I continue to expound on my latest shoe scores and the beauty of an Australian sunset, I will take pleasure as they quickly loose interest in my personal life and go trolling for another unsuspecting victim.
*Please enjoy the song and lyrics :)

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