State of the Union

Sleepless (again), trying to decipher the current state of the union…of my heart and my mind that is. On the one hand, happily I find myself logical, goal-oriented and progressive. Learning from past experiences has me cautiously hopeful; avoiding repeating mistakes and steadily seeking (and finding!) closure. Financially, finalizing my divorce from my creditors is a very near reality, and I am now madly in love with a handsome young treadmill I met down at the gym. All these new possibilities have me exuberantly glowing and planning thrilling itineraries full of world travel, cocktail parties and nights out with the girls. “Sure”, says the heart, “these are marvelous plans, but wouldn’t they be much better with a T-D&H man?” Then I begin analyzing; maybe Heart has a point, maybe I need a better half to complete my circle. But where would I find such a man? But what if he turns out to be a jerk? What if he doesn’t like me back? Is it because I’m too chunky? What if he likes me but his mom hates me? What if his brother likes me more than him and is secretly trying to hit on me although engaged to one of my co-workers? Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! So many things to think and worry about, its not a wonder we all don’t go mad. Indeed the state of this union needs balance, health care and (obviously) more sleep.

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