The Aftermath

I place every new possibility
Versus your resident invisibility
Trying to pour new wine into old wine skins
And getting frustrated when they burst
Those poor souls not realizing
It was you who I loved first
And your betrayal deems everyone of them
And utterly, hopelessly
Mine eyes glancing sideways at all times
Ready to pounce on the slightest whiff, tiniest perception of a milligram of a lie
And when come along the genuine, who sail on the maiden voyage
Toward the conquest of my heart
In a fear driven panic I quickly Titanic any hope of
Claiming a treasure from what's mine
Avoiding further pain I decline
From living and breathing and being finally free
And so I am on the journey of healing
To stitch every wound by hand
To cleanse and soothe and salve and reclaim
The reality from the fallacy I knew as love...

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