Bag Lady

I carry a bag, no, bags.  One for post breakfast, lunch and the snack I may need later.  The large bag acts as a purse, computer tote, beauty station and walking library.  And my poor brain believes each and every unorganized item is necessary.  I carry mental bags too.  When I'm at work, I wish I were at home; excavating the rubble to find what used to be my room.  Sleep is fleeting, the head is full up with what ifs, the heart is imbued with why nots.  Old memories, stale and funky, are frequently reopened and examined, reasoning they are still worth keeping when they are well past their expiration dates.  While some girls dream of the perfect relationship, business success or their name in lights; I daydream of simplicity and freedom.  I dream of being able to travel this life's journey without dragging along a single item...even if it is in a great looking bag.
*please enjoy the music, as it compliments the subject like wine suits cheese*

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