Mr. Possibility

The subtle scratch behind your left ear when playing false
The smirk and not the full on laugh when a joke is told
The lip bitten when anxious
The finger tap when impatient
The nearly hypnotic effect of watching your toothpick roll...

The sway of your head and neck when tension mounts between your shoulders
The math from last month's rent and bills spilled all over your folder
For older ones you open doors
And how you beat box when you're bored
An inner passion for life which never smolders
Ah me...

Those nets inside those eyes have fully caught me
I study you
As if my doctorate depended on it
Intrigued by the everyday details that take you from average to one of a kind
And it would be my pleasure
To spend at least a thousand years or so
Just to discover the very essence of your soul
And I would indeed find every moment
Well spent

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