Hair. Style.

Looking through some old photos, I see my moods, memories and personality played out in hairstyles. Oddly, I noticed a broad smile in nearly every pic where I wore my semi-fro; evenly spaced ringlets forming a thick halo about my head. Many photos featuring a decidedly smoother coif, I smile like the Mona Lisa; demure and almost afraid of owning the look.  I search my thoughts to understand why. Perhaps in my goofy view, I associate the straight hair with a certain aspects of my personality. She who is high maintenance, exotic, mysterious, uninhibited even...attractive. On the other hand, curly girl is easy going, artistic, funky, unique, diverse, powerful yet gracious and free. She doesn't have to spend  extra time flat ironing or curling or primping (for lack of a better word), she can simply fro and go. Maybe I smile in those pictures because those are the qualities I like more, the qualities I most like people to see. Which then leads to the question: what's wrong with those other facets or desires of mine? What's wrong with being a little mysterious...or feeling a bit more femme (fatal)? These are questions I don't have the answers to yet. But now I feel compelled to find answers.

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