An old (southern) adage says "closed mouth don't get fed". But what if you're not hungry? What if you are hungry but you're so used to starving that a normal amount of food seems too much? What if you're not hungry because you've been filling up on junk food and ruined your appetite? What if you see other people gorging or dieting and think maybe you should too? What if what you ate last left a bad taste in your mouth and you're cautious now about what you eat? What if you don't like trying new and unfamiliar foods, choosing the same items over and over, never truly being satisfied? No, it is not really food I'm speaking of, but in a metaphorical sense, I speak to matters of the heart. Questions I myself am still trying to decipher the answer to. Guess looking at somebody else's plate will make you hungry too. Maybe I'll just go for a walk.

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