Spring Things

So it's the first day of Spring, I'm happy. The weather was gracious enough to celebrate the holiday by decorating the skies with swirling white clouds against a canvas of robin's egg blue. Warm enough to go without a coat, I nearly busted out Broadway style on my way back into the office. A good dose of sunshine does wonders for the body and mind.  Speaking of mind, while the "living room" of my thoughts is now bright and cheery, the "back room" of my brain is an organized mess. The Gallery (my online arts endeavor; check it out at Facebook.com/thegallery8413) has two events on the horizon and there is much to be done. A small initial showcase to attract art lovers and potential investors and a larger show encompassing fashion, food, music and visual arts. Sigh. To appreciate and imitate the dawn of the new and beautiful season, looks like it's time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning. *note* the painting is by Monet :)

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