That Way.

I woke up
I realized
That you
Will never love me
That way
And I realized
That I will be
Even though
I know
That you
Will never love me
That way.
I realized also why I feel so strongly on the subject
My time of blindness
To the glaring light of truth
All this time I've placed such faith in the idea of my rightness for you
How that I might provide the most balanced compliment
How the fault must be mine because how could you find it so difficult to reply to the love I extended so greatly
It is not because you hate me
It is simply you don't love me
That way.
You give heed to retired madams
Perhaps their musings made you sway
I pray
That you find exactly what you are ardently seeking
A thousand blessings wrapped in prose
As you seek out thirsty pros
To fill in the depth and width and height
Of your wide opened nose
May she say the things you want to hear
You can't stomach what you need
Rather hold state with a princess
Than attempt to co-rule with a queen...
The fact that you don't love me
Is not a whole fleshly truth
The fact is that you care for me
I see it love
I do.
There may come a time
When you too are not blind
And you'll search for the thing you once knew
I hope I can still say
I love you
But only
Not in
That way.

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