Curvy Woman

Curvy woman
As you board the crowded bus or subway
And you quickly scan to try and find a place to sit down
And you spy a spot kindly loosened for you by a raised right gentleman
And you gingerly slide into that spot so as not to disturb others
And you observe the thin woman next to you wriggle and writhe in quite obvious fashion the moment after you have sat
As if she might become automatically asphyxiated by your perceived girth
In that moment, I beg you, question not your worth
Because she doesn't know that you are 50 lbs down
Or that you tried being vegan for a week but are decidedly pescetarian
Or that you finally took your best friend's advice and got therapy
Or that you finally terminated the relationships that were holding you down
But what she does know
Is that you smell good
Your coif hints of springtime Elle magazine
Your makeup is flawless and she is blinded by the shine of your shellac
And just as she spots the extremely cold shoe game she realizes she is both comfortable and unscathed
And you have read her Beloved, without having to misbehave
And you will come to know
It is your signature, not your size, that has her shaking
And it is your signature, not your size, that has that gentleman grinning
Nose wide open
Giving obeisance with his eyes
To the everlasting glory that you are.

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