Attractive Distraction

Most attractive distraction
Are you whole or merely fraction
Sneaks subliminal, smooth criminal
Pauses, waits for my reaction
Talking so slick, no traction
Aims to capture my attention
Each time you are near
I fear succumbing to the tension
Heart caged by apprehension
Prevention is key
I can't let you have the true best of me
Lest you fall to one knee
With a stressed out piece of coal
Moulded by centuries and set in white gold
But your goals are transparent
Intentions mad apparent
You like Pac man seeking cherries not carats Honored by the sun's chariot
And those dark eyes so hollow
With a stride and a smile
Causing Goldilocks to follow, ever so curious in her red riding hood
Because something so bad shouldn't ever smell so good...
Almost had me caught up for a sec
Let me seek Miseducation
I need a moment to reflect

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