Words fail (heart speak)

Words fail
As I can scarcely imagine
As I have been told in numerous ways
That I do not deserve
The holiest of earthly honors
To be granted to such an earthy daughter
Who's form and beauty were only revered
In ancient times, at best
What exactly about me makes me
Undesirable than the rest?
Veiled comments on my dimensions reveal the heart of true intentions
And I realize that since ancient times humanity continues to regress
Words fail
I close my eyes and imagine
If all their presumptuous doubts and fears
Would actually be born to truth
That this daughter of earthly measure
Would reach heavenward and grow roots
And the holiest of honors
Would be solely in my pursuit
In the broadways for a thousand eyes to see
But since I scarcely imagine this
It's unlikely that it will be
But all things are possible
With GOD

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