Beautiful Soul

I promise you have the most beautiful soul
It's not even about the physical
Or tangible or the things you can measure with a micrometer
It is not your fleshly matter that matters most to me
A series of sequential chemicals
Atoms chained in molecules
Spelling out line after line of commanding sentences
Forming the blueprint that makes your eyes brown
But rather
I am transfixed by the gray matter
Where in each conversation
I am allowed to walk a section of the labyrinth that is your mind
What makes you think like you do?
Why are your true feelings kept screened off like most Holy?
What is it in me that draws you into friendship?
Where in a short period of time I feel as if you might know me
In part
My heart (poor schmuck)
Is an idiot.
And yet I stumble forward
Drunk in the the love that could be but never was
So I must settle for a deepening like
Such heady mixture
You enchanting
Most beautiful

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