Your Cologne...

Me gusta
Me gusta como hueles
I am not fluent in Spanish
But there are no words in my language
For the symphony of scent that radiates
From the soul that is purely yours
Calvin and Ralph and Kenneth can spread Cool Waters and Agua De Gio into a fine Armani code
But none of them can duplicate the fragrance formulated
By the essence that exudes when you sweat
Or the natural aroma of Eau De Starbucks, mixed with leather briefcase and a hint of I'm too grown to play games with you
Thus my inner bitter has decided to be tame with you
Lulled dormant by the heady incense offered like prayer
That drips off humble lips and coils off locks of textured hair
I am entranced even though it seems illogical
To react like catnip-ed felines when I sniff a single molecule    
Like I said
Me gusta como hueles
I have neither shame nor guilt for my behavior
And I WILL let you know it
And I WILL be all up on you like a Gain commercial (believe it)
Pleasantly taking in the everything that you are.

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