Beautiful Babylon

Beautiful Babylon
Sitting upon the many waters
Seducing all the Kings
And loaning out her daughters
Witnessing all her actions
Has caused many a faith to falter
But I know who you are
I see
There is a mystery written upon her forehead
Which means, when translated, Dark Abyss
She says
I need you to need me
Drink your spirit down to feed me
Activate the electric fence when I feel you’re trying to leave me
Transfix you discreetly with words spoken sweetly
And toss in a few tears to have you falling at my feet G
Ella, Ella, true intent covered like umbrellas
Hangs with the guys under the guise of
I’m just cool with the fellas
Women just don’t understand me
They hate me ‘cause I’m pretty
If they stepped their game up, surely their men wouldn’t try to get me
Men, or rather boys
Fascinated by her ploys
Any child can be pacified if you give them a new toy
But they fail to comprehend that doll is broken
Love cannot be found there, she can only offer tokens
A half armed Artemis with a heart made of stone
And yet this is who you choose to make your goddess
She requires sacrifice to be artfully appeased
Your affections, your time, your energy
Your protection, your mind, your synergy
And all she will offer in return is a go, be well fed
She would rather see her smiling
Even if it means you’re dead
She has fallen, she has fallen, the great Harlot
No longer will she feast on the love of the holy ones
If I close my eyes I could surely envision it
Because I know who you are
I see

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