I'm loosing you
I guess I feel some type of way about it
I wish you'd obeyed the silent things
The Holy things
This truth
It's not like the answers weren't written for you
Formed like constellations in the heavens above
It's not like the prophets had no guidance for you
With knowledge and wisdom and concrete facts
But I guess
It's not like you chose to listen
I imagine
That although you are surrounded by a thousand confirmations you still struggle with that one doubt
I imagine
That although you are surrounded with a crowd of people there is a part of you that is alone
You suffocate what you really feel and proceed into expectation
Not understanding that the decay of a dream deferred will cause a stench throughout your natural life
I'd never wish that upon you
It is neither fair nor right, but it is what it is
I must accept that I have lost you
As you will dwell in another existence
One from which I cannot save
I will journey a solitary Freedman
Instead of infatuation's slave

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