I did not grant you entrance into the temple
Yet you presumptuously trespass
Trying to peer into the most Holy
Grubby fingers on the glass
Sunscreen, shades and fanny pack
Selfishly taking selfies by the the sacred
And regulating relics to rudimentary status
Simply because you don't understand,
Won't try or maybe can't
Then face is puzzled when you get escorted out.
See, as the body is a temple for the spirit of God
The most Holy, the most guarded is my heart
Which you have no right to partake of
Either in whole or in part
But if you are permitted in the courtyard of the labyrinth of my mind
Do take care not to break anything
Be respectful
Be kind
Be silent and if you must speak be true
Be honest
Be forthright
Or be gone.

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