I heart Guitar

I sit here in a blissful state in the middle of a John Mayer concert on TV, after finishing an Ed Sheeran one (naturally) and I realized...I love the sound of guitar based music.  I am hopelessly drawn to it.  The tone of sound makes me feel absolutely beyond, on a different plane of thinking altogether.  I look at some of my favorite guitarists, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark Jr., Muddy Waters, Ernie Isley and many others, and in my mind, they're like renegades; pirates sailing the sonic seas, defying the rules of convention and creating melodies from the raw energy inside, energy that resounds past location, time, or nation, universal type stuff, you know?  Well, I too have a guitar.  It's acoustic...you would think for as long as I've had it I'd be a master in the line of India.Arie or Ms. Lauryn Hill.  It leans patiently against my record crate, waiting for me to release my own universal energy, but thus far I have lacked the needed dedication to achieve my pirate goals.  Perhaps subconsciously I fear leaving my soul in its hollow, as I know many guitarists do, allowing the chords to reveal my personal vulnerabilities for all the world to see.  I suppose that's something I admire as well about guitarists, it seems they fear not, and allow us to glimpse, peer and bask in the everything they are, flaws and all.

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