Dear Munchkin

My dearest munchkin,
Never grow old
Because work is full of stress and the world is cold
Because bills are too high and morale is too low
And it seems like the bad guys are all in control
I say to you
Watch silly cartoons, eat cereal with too many colors
Wear polka dots and stripes
Find random excuses to play, go collect fireflies
While the cicadas sing in summer evenings
Splash puddles and gaze up at the stars
Get a pet something, name it Rutabaga
Pretend you are a Super mutant cowboy dinosaur cyborg who runs a pirate ship
Beg for cheesy foods
Turn a cardboard box into a portal to the universe
Dance and laugh and sing
Learn to swim, bike everywhere
Kickball, dodge ball, soccer, tag
Define cooties and avoid them at all cost
Run for the bomb pop man
Make a million bazillion ka-gillion best friends
My dearest munchkin,
Never grow dim
Because your light is much too brilliant
To let the bad guys win
Each new day the sun rises is a chance to re-begin
If you have to grow up...
Don't loose the wonder that lies within
Trust me.

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