Help Wanted

You scoured for hours the internet
Left a great resume online
Even took some extra classes
To reinvigorate your mind
You found some promising listings
Attended the job fair in Elmwood Pines
But when you were offered positions
You abruptly chose to decline...
You've interned for a few months now
You arrive to work on time
You follow every protocol
Even empty the coffee grinds
Your employer is impressed with you
Asks "Would you like to be full time?"
And with little hesitation
You abruptly choose to decline
But why?
When you acted so anxious to find somewhere
To get on somewhere, to belong somewhere
You put on like you wanted to own that chair, in the corner office someday
But you say
"I only intern at Fortune 500s, it looks good on my resume,
that way, if a better job comes along
I can easily break away, I apologize Employer
I had no real intentions to stay..."
The Employer comes to on a balcony
We watch your arms flail and sway
Security has your ankles and we hear you
Audibly pray
"Let me up from here!  This is crazy!
You have really lost your mind!"
The blank faced Employer contemplates
If they'll abruptly choose to decline

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