Realization #36

They will try to destroy​ you in the physical world
With empty words, crude and twisted
Judging and presuming
By what their imperfect eyes can see
They cannot fathom your dimensions
Or comprehend your power
Or appreciate the resplendent nature of your beauty because it is spiritual.
Spiritual is beyond the realms of understanding of a physical person.
Effectively they are blind in a way you cannot possibly teach them to see.
So perhaps you are misunderstood.
Perhaps you are not as fly as
As charming as
As witty as
As flirty as that person that everyone seems to think is special.
But it is better to be socially conscious and active
Than merely social.
It is better to be soul food than eye candy
It is better to manifest eternally
Than to merely be focused internally
Because the spirit means life
And peace.

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